Reading is a great way to learn. That’s why Laís decided to write this list with his 7 favorite books on creativity to help you be more creative.

Creativity is like a muscle. The more we exercise, the more we grow. That is why it is so important to exercise it to be able to develop it.

One of my main tips with regard to creativity is to take time out for yourself and do absolutely nothing.

Another great tip is to do things that stimulate your creativity, such as writing, painting, shooting, watching a movie or reading.

Reading is a great way to learn. So I decided to write this list with my 7 favorite books on creativity to help you be more creative.

1. The path of the artist, Julia Cameron

The way of the artist, for me, is the best book about creativity. It is practical and brings pertinent reflections on how we see ourselves and how we were created. In addition, it helps to break these patterns and harmful behaviors through the exercises you propose.

The book was responsible for getting rid of several creative blocks. He did, too, that I evolve a lot, both as a human being and as a creative being.

2. The War of Art, Steven Pressfield

The war of art is another great book. It caters to all those who are struggling to start or move on with their creative work.

He shows us how much we need strength and determination to overcome our resistance, which manifests itself in various ways.

While most books focus on creativity itself, it focuses on how much we postpone our dreams by making excuses. In how much we kill our creativity leaving it in the background.

The message that remains is clear: begin and continue, despite anything.

3. Great magic, Elizabeth Gilbert

In this book, Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of “Eat, Pray and Love” brings us a most important reflection: “What is living creatively? It is any life that is more motivated by curiosity than fear. “

Out there, you get an idea of ​​what the book looks like, right ?! One of the main lessons for me was exactly this one from the above phrase.

We often let fear guide us and when that happens we do not allow ourselves to be creative.

The cool thing about this book is that it uses practical examples from her or from friends, which makes reading all the simpler and easier to assimilate.

4. Steal Like an Artist, Austin Kleon

This book is one of the classics for anyone who wants to be more creative. I have already recommended it in this article, where I listened to 7 books that can change your life.

In “Steal Like an Artist” Austin Kleon breaks the paradigm that to be creative we need to create something completely new that has never existed.

In this simple, objective book, we get our insight into transformed creativity and learn to find ways to do something creative by inspiring and “stealing” from others, without it becoming just a copy of someone’s work.

5. Creativity, Osho

For me this is one of the deepest books ever on this list. In “Creativity” Osho proposes a dip in our own depths with the goal of finding creativity through love.

One of the coolest thoughts is that you, while not doing essentially creative work, can be creative in your profession. That’s because, according to him, to be creative you just need to love what you are doing without caring about the outside world. This is how creativity manifests itself.

6. The Art of Creativity, Rod Judkins

Another great book on creativity is “The Art of Creativity.” It has a different structure, just to play with the fact that creativity is, rightly, doing things differently and making your head think.

The book does not follow an order, you end up leafing through it and reading without much logic, which is super interesting.

Another cool point is that amid the explanations about creative process the author brings us examples and incredible stories of great creative figures like Salvador Dali, Coco Chanel and Francis Ford Coppola.

7. This is not a book, Keri Smith

This book – which is not a book – is a great way to stimulate your creativity if you want something more practical.

It is basically an activity book where the author proposes tasks so that you can exercise your creativity and take the time to create something. As silly as it may seem, having this time helps a lot.

Precisely because, often, what is lacking in our creative life is a little time to be doing nothing, to relax and really let our mind wander. So this may be the perfect book for you to start releasing.

So, did you like the directions? Now it’s your turn to point me to books! What books about creativity have already read and are “must-see”?