Bar Events Hub // Web and Mobile app

Bar Events Hub are a brand new venture, providing bar staff to events all around the UK from James Bond premieres to private cocktail parties. They approached us with a request for branding and a website which would allow them to effectively communicate with their staff members. As they have a whole range of different skill levels there was a need for a matchmaking system which suggests staff members for particular events based on what the client has specified. Personal calendars are then checked for availability and consequently updated with event information.

We have also built them mobile applications for iPhone/iPad, Android devices and Blackberry. The app allows the Bar Events Hub system to send out push notifications directly to a staff members mobile phone alerting them to new offers of work as soon as it is in the system. It also notifies them of any changes to times or details whilst they are on the move, especially handy if they are already on the way to the event and something changes.

Bar Events Hub logo design
  • homepage


    Logo and full width image at the top of homepage. Large headline area explaining what Bar Events Hub is.

  • sign-up page

    Sign Up

    Allowing bartenders to sign up directly from the homepage.

  • Mobile website


    Click through to info on how to download your version of the mobile app.

  • Financial app


    An overview for bartenders showing their monthly earnings and other information.

  • Invoicing app


    Allows bartenders to submit their monthly invoices for payment. They also have the ability to query any discrepancies in their hours.

  • Events Calendar app

    Event Lists

    An overview for clients, showing which events are fully staffed and which are still not.

  • Email customisation


    Internal messaging system for bartenders and clients.

  • Social Web App


    Bartenders personal profile showing their details, ratings and friends.

  • Events costs calculator

    Event costs

    Shows an event organiser an estimate of what each bartender is going to cost for their event.


I'm responsive too

Just like our very own website, the Bar Events Hub site is also built using a responsive framework so it can adapt to make the best use of the screen space whether you are on a 27 inch computer monitor or an iPhone… handy!

On your phone now? Give it a try…


Business Cards




Mobile App Icons



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